the flaminio district north of rome’s historic city center has naturally developed as a mixture of commercial, athletic, artistic, and residential programs. yet, in the heart of the district lies an abandoned military base right across from the maxxi by zaha hadid. this design aims to remove the military base, and in its stead place a public housing complex that connects the major commercial and artistic/academic hubs of the district while allowing for the insertion of public green-space.
the site itself allowed for the diagonal pedestrian route to be cut through, while buildings shaped as L’s allowed for variances in public and semi-public spaces on the site. these buildings facilitated both open space, and free circulation, with openings in the buildings themselves to act as a continuation of public space on the main level. flanking the main axial green-space are piazzette that allow for different programs or events depending on the program of the various commercial spaces around them.
the idea of various shades of public space is reflected in the form of the main level, also. it is a double-height floor entirely encased in glass that is inset from the housing above to allow for porticoes and create a feeling of continuity between green-spaces on either side of each building. above this main level are public housing units that range from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartments.
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