the kite museum is a hierarchical series of larger, vertical and thinner, horizontal interlocking planes sliding to create densities and spatial layers around a central volume.
entering from a slit in the ground plane the visitor is totally sub- merged in the earth until he exits into the main hall of the museum, where he has the choice to walk up through the gardens, enter secondary structures, or see the museum’s main exhibit. circulating through heavy, vertical planes, the visitor makes his way to the thin, horizontal planes to see the kites, with his main route ending either in the fields at ground level, or above the ground plane viewing other visitors flying kites.
the kite is a symbiotic relationship of intersecting frames and planes. the history of the kite is the collection exhibited throughout the complex. these kites are designed by the artist-in-residence, who in turn gains inspiration from all of the visitors flying his kites— another symbiotic relationship.
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