the idea that, in a theatre, there is a visual relationship between the audience and the performer, became the concept that drove the design of this music hall. this idea was taken a step further by taking the generally linear circulation path of entrance to lobby to auditorium—second nature to music halls—and shifting it around to create unique spaces and moments throughout the building.
the L-shaped site allowed for experimentation with this idea of breaking apart and shifting the circulation, so the way people would move about the building would be to draw them back by moving them in and around multiple different volumes and moments.
the ideas of revealing and concealing as they relate to the concept were implemented through the use of screens like a mashrabiya or brise- soleil. this screen is made up of a singular concrete block designed specifically for this building repeated throughout the façade. this block is influenced by the plan of the design and thus influences its parti, creating a reciprocal relationship between the two.
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