situated within chinguacousy park, outside toronto, canada, never again: the last genocide memorial’s design reflects the tragic loss of life in all genocides as a scar in the earth. upon approach, the memorial invites the visitor in through seamless integration with the existing pathways. with each step down, the walls become more and more present, imposing their emotional weight and significance.
each panel is engraved with a short history of selected atrocities to be defined by their community’s members and historians. slowing down and reading these stories of violence and tragedy culminate at the memorial’s lowest point. an even deeper, inaccessible, abyss surrounds the main memorial wall, urging the visitor to pause and truly contemplate the depth of loss. this main wall holds a message to all visitors, a promise to the families of the victims of genocide, and a prayer for those we’ve lost: 
never again.
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